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This is a record of the project done at Atami Art Week 2018.

Atami is a sightseeing spot in Shizuoka, known as an old hot spa resort. Despite being a tourist destination, Atami has many old buildings that people do not use and vacant houses. To make use of them for something else, an Atami Art Week exhibition was born. It is planned and operated by students of the Japanese Art University. And since I was invited by them, I presented my work in Atami.

On March 23, 2018, I prepared three performers, and produced performance from indoor to outdoor using windows.


The venue for the window I used was a waste bowling alley. Despite being near the Atami main station, it has stayed in the middle of the city without being demolished.Nobody turned his eyes on that.

Is there really nothing in the building without contents? I emit a signal from the inside to the outside of the place that is said to have nothing.

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